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Motor Transport Awards Nomination

We're excited to announce that the Linde Group and have been nominated for the Best Use of Technology Award at the Motor Transport Awards.

Harry Kuliczkowski
Harry Kuliczkowski
Posted 8 months ago

Linde Group is a leading global industrial gas and engineering company and has been nominated for the Motor Transport Best Use of Technology Award under our project DIViRT (Driver Immersive Virtual Reality Training).

This project was a partnership between Linde Group and BOC and has been 2 years in the making from a proof of concept prototype to a fully operational production unit, the system then toured for 1 year out in the field to prove itself to the business. The system utilizes Linde's world-leading gas cylinder delivery vehicles and integrates cutting-edge virtual reality driver training with proprietary eye-tracking devices and motion simulation. This allows Linde to provide a highly realistic and immersive driver training experience that improves safety for both Linde's staff and the public.

We are incredibly proud of this project and Linde's nomination is a testament to the hard work from both teams. We believe that this technology has the potential to revolutionise driver training across a range of industries and we are excited to see Linde leading the way in this area.

The premise of the solution was to design, create and build a portable ‘plug & play’ unit which can be transported from site to site, with the intention to supplement the on the road ‘Practical Defensive Driver Training’ currently in place across EMEA.

The aims of the solution were to increase competency, safety performance improvements and bring benefits to the industry through technology. The solution was designed to be used in conjunction with an existing in-vehicle training system, or as a standalone unit. It consisted of a lorry cab fitted with a mounted camera, GPS and data-recording equipment, which could be used to capture footage of journeys.

The result was not only an exciting solution to the business, which improved drivers’ engagement and enthusiasm for the training, cut costs, downtime and travel for drivers, but a unique insight into driver behavior that has been recorded during the training experience.

Proving itself to be a training solution with longevity and a future roadmap.

Find out more about this project here

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